Posted on 01 Oct 2015

Primitive reflexes are reflexes centered in the brain which are present at birth and integrate into the body as we reach developmental milestones. These reflexes assist us to roll over, crawl, and eventually walk. They play a role in balance and coordination, as well as overall brain development and higher-level processing. These reflexes are designed to go away as our nervous system matures and should be gone around one year of age. Sometimes these reflexes are not properly lost by the body as we develop, resulting in behavioral or cognitive difficulties associated with learning. Retaining a primitive reflex can interfere with emotional regulation, reading, knowing directions, recognizing letter reversals, memory, and especially the ability to maintain attention. Children who have retained primitive reflexes are often diagnosed with ADHD and dyslexia.

The Center for Vision Development in Austin provides exercises as part of our vision therapy programs to address primitive reflexes. By using rhythmic movement training techniques that mimic the movements of an infant in development, such as calmly rocking a patient in a specific pattern, patients are able to integrate these retained reflexes. These repetitive motions develop the reflexes and gradually help develop the visual and frontal cortex of the brain.

Once these reflexes are integrated by the body, many of these behavioral issues become resolved. Vision is directly linked with the brain and is affected when our brains are not properly developed. By addressing these reflexes, The Center for Vision Development provides the most comprehensive approach to vision therapy in Austin, TX. Removing these barriers in combination with vision therapy allows our patients receiving vision therapy to achieve greater and longer lasting results than other vision care practices in Austin. Vision care in Austin shouldn’t just be about 20/20 acuity but about the entire visual system. Vision develops as we age, just like the body, and it thrives when all the members on the team are working properly. Any vision therapy practice in Austin that doesn’t address primitive reflexes is only giving you part of what you need to have great vision!