Posted on 07 May 2018

austin vision centerHaving good vision is important in almost all aspects of life. As such, it is important for both children and adults who experience vision problems to have their needs addressed at an Austin vision center. However, not every prospective patient is aware of the benefits of vision therapy and what exactly happens during a session.


Vision therapy is a progressive program that is done in the office, at home, or both, and addresses vision problems that cannot be addressed by glasses or contact lenses alone. It is tailored to an individual’s specific vision problem and overseen by a developmental optometrist.


Sessions typically last 45 minutes to an hour and are done weekly or bi-weekly, depending on the program, with programs ranging from several months to years depending on the number and severity of visual deficits.


Vision therapy sessions usually involve in-office eye exercises and vision improving techniques. Sessions can employ the help of computer software, optical filters, eye patches, goggles, lenses, prisms, light therapy, and visual motor and sensory integration training. To assist in the development of new skills and techniques, the therapist prescribes exercises to practice at home between visits.


According to the American Optometric Association, techniques used in vision therapy by those seeking vision care in Austin are meant to provide several benefits, including the ability to maintain precise eye alignment, improve eye movement, augment the ability to focus, and facilitate visual efficiency.


A pediatric eye care specialist can evaluate your child to see if he or she is a good candidate for vision therapy, but vision therapy can be beneficial to people of all ages who are experiencing problems with their vision. The earlier intervention is begun, the better chance there is of completely addressing the problems that are resulting in poor vision.


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