Posted on 04 Aug 2017

austin eye careEvery parent wants their child to succeed academically and a big part of academic success is having an effective visual system and possessing the right visual skills. More than 80% of learning in classrooms is done visually. If a child is struggling at school or simply having trouble decoding words, Austin eye care and vision therapy could go a long way in improving their success.

Reading requires that a person has a flexible and effective focusing system, efficient eye teaming, and the ability to track across the page. All of these skills are sometimes taken for granted but they are learned and in some cases require more training at the Austin vision center for some children to read well.

An effective focusing system lets the eyes switch back and forth from near and far objects with little effort. This is a skill that is vital in note-taking in school.

Eye teaming refers to how well the two eyes work together as a single unit. Properly teamed eyes are able to aim at the exact place and promote good depth perception. Good eye teaming is necessary for reading and math as well as several other non-academic skills like sports.

Tracking refers to how well the eyes can stay fixed on an object that is moving. Another vital skill in reading which allows students to read a line of text without having his or her eyes bounce all over the page. Accurate tracking is necessary for efficient reading and reading comprehension.

Visual memory is yet another skill that affects academics. This skill can have a drastic effect on everything from knowing the difference between a lowercase “b” and “d” to remembering math facts and new spelling words. It is also a vital skill for reading comprehension.

All of these skills can be tested by vision professionals if your child is having trouble academically and you would like to find a solution. If there is a deficiency in any of these skills Austin Vision Therapy Center can diagnose it and begin treatment. Seeking vision care in Austin could be the best way to increase the chances of your child being successful in school as well as in sports and other areas of life.

These visual perceptual skills are vital aspects of scholastic success that are sometimes overlooked not only by teachers and special educators, but also by standard optometrists who may only be checking for 20/20 vision. Visual skills that are needed in the classroom go far beyond standard eye charts and acquiring or improving such skills typically requires the help of an Austin eye care specialist.

Visual skills are used in learning every day and are required for academic success. If you have any further questions about the visual skills needed for learning or would like to set up an appointment or consultation at Austin Vision Therapy Center, call (512) 331-7288.