Vision Therapy in Austin TX




If you or a loved one is looking for vision therapy in Austin, TX,  you’ve found the right place. We have been providing Austin vision therapy since 2004 and have many satisfied patients who now experience life with an improved ability to see, learn, and react accordingly to the world around them.

While the use of glasses and contact lenses has been widely accepted to solve vision problems, there are some visual conditions that cannot be resolved by such treatments. Vision therapy, also referred to as visual training, provides the best solution to many conditions including:

  • Crossed or wandering eyes
  • Poor focusing
  • “Lazy eye”
  • Poor eye tracking
  • Headaches
  • Reduced academic performance


Vision Therapy and How It Works

Vision therapy is not just “eye exercises”. It consists of a personalized treatment program prescribed and supervised by an optometrist to improve visual skills, increase visual efficiency, alleviate visual discomfort, and improve the processing of visual information. This covers not only how well a patient sees, but also how they perceive visual information, and react to it. It is a process that involves input as well as output.

Vision therapy works by improving quality of vision, visual processing, visual learning, and visual motor integration. It is supported by evidence-based scientific research and utilizes therapeutic lenses, filters, prisms, computerized technology, and phototherapy, as well as other specialized equipment specifically designed to develop and enhance vision. As the patient’s visual skills improve, their motor skills are further enhanced and automated through repetition, providing them with a better experience in life.

Who Qualifies for Vision Therapy?

At our Austin vision center, our treatment programs are suited for anyone who has a functional visual problem, whether a child or an adult. If someone has problems learning or processing information due to poor visual capability, they’re a good candidate for treatment. This includes problems coordinating the eyes and body, focusing, tracking, eye-hand coordination, and visual memory.

Whether visual deficiency is a result of improper visual development, stress induced, or due to an injury, we can recommend corrective measures to train and ensure vision functions properly again.

With improved vision, patients can enhance their academic, sports, professional, and social performance to higher levels. This is because they now have the ability to process visual information more accurately and efficiently. Moreover, visual tasks that previously could not be performed or required excessive effort become automatic which is very important especially in an academic setting.

To determine if you are a candidate for vision therapy in Austin, TX. or to book an appointment please call us or email us through our “Contact Us” page.