Help Improve Your Reading Ability Through Reliable Vision Care in Austin


By receiving our vision care in Austin, it’s possible to enhance your reading skills, which in turn results in better learning abilities. We have a team of vision therapists in Austin who are able to work with you through a personalized therapeutic treatment program to improve your reading through better vision.

There are few things as frustrating as the inability to learn new things on your own, especially for a child. In most cases, we learn new things by reading books and information that are readily available online and through other sources. The ability to read makes life easier since you don’t have to rely on verbal instruction from others. At the same time, reading facilitates learning by making it easier to carry out your own research on matters.


Reading and Vision

If visual skills are impaired, it becomes difficult to recognize words that have already been deciphered in the past. Our brains are programmed over time to read words rather than individual letters. This is because frequently seeing a given word leads to the development of a specific structural image that when seen again results in the corresponding word coming to mind. This is a big challenge for someone who has visual learning skills that are underdeveloped.

For children, the problem is even worse since their brains lack the experience to master most words. Initially, they decode each word in a sentence through phonetics. Eventually, they must learn to visually recognize words. If this transition does not occur, reading is delayed. The more the child focuses on phonetics due to impaired vision, the worse the reading ability may get, which may discourage a child from even trying to read.

How to Improve Vision for Better Reading

Our team of vision therapists in Austin will help you transform your reading from reliance on phonetic decoding to visual imagery thus making your reading more efficient. The focus here is on improving your visual abilities as they have a direct bearing on your reading capability.

To fully solve the problem, the root cause of the problem must be addressed conclusively. Visual therapy will improve the visual skills that serve as a foundation to reading. Once these skills are attained, the next process is teaching the individual to learn using visual imagery.

If you would like to benefit from our vision care in Austin, you can easily reach us through our contact page.