Posted on 01 Jun 2020
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The professionals in vision care at Austin Vision Therapy Center (The Center for Vision Development) are specialists in optometric vision therapy and vision rehabilitation and have seen excellent results when using a variety of treatment options for patients of all ages. With a practice that is dedicated not only for adult vision therapy but for pediatric eye care as well, vision improvement training has been effective on many types of visual disorders including accommodative and vergence dysfunction, amblyopia, and both esotropic and exotropic strabismus.

Optometric vision therapy, also referred to as visual training or orthoptics, is an individualized program of therapeutic and rehabilitative procedures prescribed to provide treatment for diagnosed visual dysfunctions. These visual dysfunctions can make everyday tasks like reading, driving, work and sports difficult and exhausting. Vision therapy involves one-on-one sessions with an optometric vision therapist. Patients are coached through a sequence of specific exercises and procedures that retrain the eye-brain connection to improve visual function. The therapeutic use of lenses, prisms, filters, occlusion and other specialized equipment and technology are used in conjunction with home therapy procedures to help bring about improvement in visual skills.

Optometric vision therapy has been shown to be an effective treatment for many types of vision problems. A listing and summary of some of the research reports and clinical studies on the use and effectiveness of vision therapy is provided on the following pages.

Vision therapy is a specialized area of optometric care. The following Optometric Clinical Practice Guidelines include a description of the current clinically recognized and supported approaches to the diagnosis and treatment of vision problems utilizing optometric vision therapy:

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Complete copies of these Guidelines can be accessed on the American Optometric Association website at

Other web site resources include:

College of Optometrists in Vision Development

Optometric Extension Program Foundation

Families in Texas who are experiencing unique vision issues for any of their loved ones or having personal vision problems should call the vision care professionals at Austin Eye Care Vision Therapy Center (The Center for Vision Development) for an evaluation of potential optometrics treatment options for any particular vision dysfunction.