Posted on 07 May 2019
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Finding out that your health insurance plan will not cover or pay for vision therapy can be an extremely disappointing experience, especially if you or your ophthalmologist strongly feel that the therapy would benefit your overall eye health. Worry not, however, as there are other ways that you can pay for vision therapy when your insurance plan will not.


The Top 5 Ways to Pay For Vision Therapy Without Using Insurance


  1. Finance The Therapy Directly – Many vision therapy clinics offer their patients direct financing plans. They do this because they are well aware of the fact that their services can often times be classified as a non-essential medical service by many health insurance companies.


  1. Start a Savings Account For Medical Expenses – If you are able to plan your vision therapy sessions far in advance, then chances are you will have time to set up a savings account just for that sole purpose. Many banks offer medical savings plans that usually receive higher than normal interest rates.


  1. Take a Medical Loan – Many banks offer special rate loans for medical services. These loans take into consideration the high costs involved with paying for medical services, and thus the interest rates on such loans are typically very low and they also offer extended financing terms.


  1. Ask to Speak With HR or Management – If your health insurance plan has stated that they will not cover your vision therapy costs then you should press the issue with them. Don’t take no for an answer, instead, ask to speak with a manager or HR representative within your insurance company. Press the issue and state why you feel the therapy is essential.


  1. Request a Discount – If there is just no way possible that your health insurance will pay for your vision therapy, then consider asking the vision clinic to give you a discount. If you make them aware of the fact that your insurance will not cover the therapy, then they might end up offering you a substantial discount.

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