Posted on 01 Dec 2015

The Center for Vision Development wishes you a happy holiday season! This season, consider giving a child a gift that is not only fun & entertaining, but also promotes visual development as well. We’ve compiled a suggested toy list for great gifts that develop important visual skills, including visualization, memory, fine-motor skills & more!

We’ve listed our ten favorites first, but feel free to review them all:

  1. Lite Brite Set
  2. Battleship Game (MB)
  3. Jigsaw Puzzles
  4. Coloring Books
  5. Tootie Toss or Pitchback
  6. Checkers
  7. Legos
  8. Lincoln Logs
  9. Painting by Number
  10. Twister (MB)


Blink Card Game

Shapes Up

Lite Brite Set Shapes & Forms Accessory Kit

Lite Brite Set Alphabet

Lite Brite Set Numbers

Chalkboard (24”x36”)

Tinker Toy Set

Boy Scout Signal Set

Pegboard & Pegs

Erector Set

Dot-to-Dot Drawing Books

Skittle Bowl

Playskool Building Blocks

Playskool Colored Blocks

Indian Beads for Threading

Toss Across (Tic-Tac-Toe)

Scan Card Game

Memory (MB)

Models (car, airplane, etc.)

Finger Paints


Action Darts Velcro Board & Balls

Sewing Cards

Form Flitter (Child Guidance)


Playskool Parquetry Blocks

Ring Blocks

Connect Four (MB)

Chinese Checkers

Card Games (Old Maid, Go Fish, etc.)

Concentration (MB)

Tangrams/Tangoes Jr.


Scattergories Jr.

Camouflage North Pole


Djeco Sardines Card Game

Shapes Up

Match It!

Matching Middles

Spot It!


Doll House


Jump Rope

Hula Hoop

Windup Toys


Please remember that these games are not intended as a replacement for vision therapy!