Posted on 05 Sep 2019


The ability to read is the most important skill for any child who is in their school years. Not only is reading necessary to get through life, the quality of life an individual enjoys in adulthood begins with vision health and the ability to see letters and numbers concisely. Poor vision can lead to many problems in life, and the time to get a grip on vision health is during the childhood years. We are dedicated to providing professional pediatric eye care treatment, and our vision specialists at Austin Vision Center evaluate the entire vision system of each of our patients. There is no problem too small or large for our experts in vision health.


Complimentary Consultation


We are so devoted to great vision care in Austin that we offer free consultation for a comprehensive evaluation of your child’s ability to see, and hence ability to read. The eyes are the most important and often complicated area of the body to treat effectively. The entire human vision system is complex, and it takes precision to determine problems that are both occurring at the time or may develop in the future. Knowing what difficulties may accrue in the future can be important information when steps can be taken during childhood that stalls or possibly even prevents the medical issues from manifesting. Our first consultation can often result in catching long-term issues while they are in development stage, which is the best time to treat any medical problem.


Our Comprehensive Approach


Our vision experts at Austin Vision Center understand the key is comprehensive pediatric eye care for individuals who have specific goals in life, all of which are goals that will require excellent ongoing vision and eye care. The ability to read cannot be understated, and reading comprehension is not all that is necessary. Many children have athletic and personal professional career desires that will entail maintaining outstanding vision system health. Life is not all about academics, and fullness of life with respect to the impact good vision has on that process is ability #1 for anyone.


Take Advantage of Our Experience and Offer


The time to get started on improving your child’s vision health is indeed when they are young, and many potential issues can be pinpointed even during the early years. Do not hesitate to take advantage of our complimentary consultation offer, and let us put our education and experience to work for you. Learning begins from day one for a child, and reading skills are essential to a solid start in life. Call us today at Austin Vision Therapy Center and set up an appointment!