Posted on 11 Feb 2019
austin eye care

Eye care is something not all of us tend to think about, but it can be one of the most important aspects of health, especially of a child’s health. However, despite the difficulty and confusion of eye and vision problems, Austin Vision Therapy Center can shed light on some of these problems, and can help prevent the onset of serious eye diseases. Read how Austin eye care can provide you with the necessary treatment and knowledge to make your child’s vision intact.

Common Vision Problems

Although you may have heard of multiple eye and vision problems in children, there are a few common ones you may need to watch out for. It is also important to consult you child’s eye doctor if he/she starts to experience such problems. One of the more common ones is called amblyopia or “lazy eye”, which causes unalignment in either one or both eyes. When reading or looking at a distance, your child may also have trouble aligning their eyes. This is called strabismus, and it can be treated with the proper pediatric eye care. These vision disorders can be detrimental in children as it not only impedes them from performing daily tasks, but also impedes their learning in school.

How Vision Affects Education

Dealing with vision problems as an adult is difficult enough, it’s even expected as you get older. However, it can be much more detrimental to children. This is because children are just learning how to read and write, and these skills are highly dependent on how the brain picks up information from the eyes and processes it. It also affects their memory, since the brain stores images for later use which then develops visualization skills. Without proper functioning vision, your child’s learning will be greatly affected which can then affect the quality of their life later on.

How Austin Eye Care Can Help

Vision care in Austin provides many treatment options for those who require vision therapy, such as eye exercises and many other treatments for conditions like amblyopia and strabismus. If you notice that your child is experiencing functional vision problems, contact Austin Vision Therapy Center today.