Posted on 24 Jan 2019

The Center For Vision Development Discusses Does Amblyopia Run In Families?

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Amblyopia is a vision problem in which the eyes do not focus together normally. This condition can cause “lazy eye,” “crossed eyes” or other issues that prevent normal visual acuity. At Austin Vision Therapy Center in Austin, TX, we provide Austin eye care for amblyopia to improve vision and confidence in both children and teens.

Understanding Amblyopia

Amblyopia is a vision problem in which the eyes do not focus equally well. The signals to the brain function better in the stronger eye, and the brain will eventually begin to ignore the weaker eye. As a result, the weak eye loses muscle control, and one eye may wander or give the appearance of crossed eyes. The Center For Vision Development offers therapy to improve eye coordination.

Causes of Amblyopia

Amblyopia can occur when one eye is more farsighted or has more astigmatism than the other eye. Another problem occurs when the two eyes do not track together when looking at objects. The brain will eventually “turn off” the signals from the weaker eye, resulting in poor eye muscle control. In other cases, a cataract or other issue impedes sight in one of the eyes. Some of these causes may have a genetic origin, and therefore, amblyopia may run in some families. These children should have their vision checked more frequently for vision disturbances. However, most children who have amblyopia do not have a family member who also had the vision problem.

Austin Eye Care For Amblyopia

Vision therapy is a treatment method that provides individualized strategy for increasing eye function and processing of images for everyday activities. It is not simply “eye exercises.” Instead, the strategy uses a variety of methods to enhance visual effectiveness, using prisms, lenses, filters, technology and light therapy. Vision therapy improves vision quality, processing of visual images and vision learning capability. It can also help with visual motor integration.

Make The Center For Vision Development Your Choice For Pediatric Eye Care

The vision professional at The Center For Vision Development use their many years of training and experience to provide vision care Austin residents can trust. We offer therapy for a number of vision problems and can help your child see more clearly for academic pursuits and for play. Call The Center For Vision Development today at 512-351-7288 for an appointment to discuss amblyopia problems and the therapies that can help.