Posted on 18 Sep 2018

austin vision center There are many signs and conditions signaling that your child may need vision therapy. Whether your child requires vision therapy for visual-perceptual disorders, unaligned eyes due to underlying causes, or eye movement disorders, an Austin Vision Center like Austin Vision Therapy Center, can provide the services you need.   Reasons for Vision Therapy

  1. Amblyopia or “Lazy Eye”
    1. As one of the many conditions causing unaligned eyes, your child may need pediatric eye care and vision therapy to help correct the cause and issues arising from this condition.
  2. Binocular Vision Problems
    1. If there is no visible eye turn, but there is eye fatigue and strain caused by irregular movement patterns, then your child will need assistance in relieving these symptoms and the vision problem itself. Austin Vision Therapy Center specializes in providing these services as well, even if the cause is not visible.
  3. Strabismus
    1. Strabismus is a disorder that causes unaligned vision when reading even if the child can keep their eyes aligned when looking at distant items. Proper pediatric eye care ensures that this can be solved with the correct direction, magnitude, and frequency of the treatment.

What If My Child Doesn’t Have Anything Listed? If your child doesn’t have any of the conditions listed, or it has not been diagnosed yet, and they complain of difficulty adjusting their eyes, reading, or blurry vision, you should contact their eye doctor. The conditions listed above are one of the more obvious and common conditions that warrant vision therapy, but always take your child’s word on whether or not they have difficulty with vision. The sooner you figure out the cause, problem, and solution, the faster and easier it is to implement a care plan to improve their vision.   Where Could I Find These Services? Austin eye care in Austin, TX can be found at the Austin Vision Therapy Center and is offered for children experiencing any difficulties listed or not listed above. In order to make the service more convenient for you and your child, ensure that you bring a list of any recurring problems that should be tested by the doctor during the appointment. This makes it easier for the them to know what to look for specifically when analyzing the eye movement patterns and overall vision of the patient.   For more information and to set up a consultation call Austin Vision Therapy Center  today!