Posted on 05 Mar 2019
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Most video game enthusiasts would probably be shocked to know that recent studies suggest that playing video games can actually help to correct a lazy eye condition in adults. Further research is needed to draw more conclusive results on the subject, however, at the moment there has been a significant and positive correlation between improved eyesight and coordination and relatively few hours of monthly gaming.


Amblyopia, also known as a lazy eye, is a condition that affects adults. It can create serious issues with 3-D depth perception, as well as other sharp and fine vision functions. These specific symptoms of amblyopia were seen to improve after just 40 hours of gaming stretched over a period of just one month.


The types of video games played in these research studies were action games. Action games tend to be the more visually demanding games, as frame changes happen at a far greater rate than what you would find in other slower paced games. With countless rapid eye movements taking place during action gameplay, it acted as an eye-training exercise that is robust and engaging enough to actually offer a therapeutic value to lazy eye sufferers. It is thought that this training method strengthens the eye muscles and stimulates greater neuro function between the lazy eye and the visual center of the brain.


Amblyopia is typically treated with an eye patch in children, as this strengthens the lazy eye by forcing it to work much harder than it otherwise would have to. Sadly, this type of treatment can not be done in adults with amblyopia, as the condition is much more neurologically hardwired and thus harder for the brain to unlearn. This new form of video game therapy, however, offers amblyopia adult sufferers not just an effective means of treating the ailment, but a fun one too.


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