Know More About Our Clinic

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About our Clinic  The Center for Vision Development is a visionary practice founded by Dr. Denise Smith in 2004 that is dedicated to the specialties of developmental, behavioral, pediatric, and neuro-optometry. We offer an unparalleled approach to vision development, learning disabilities, strabismus and amblyopia, attention deficit disorders, pediatric eye care, and traumatic brain injury. We… Read more »

Eye Too Can Read! Can You?

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  The ability to read is the most important skill for any child who is in their school years. Not only is reading necessary to get through life, the quality of life an individual enjoys in adulthood begins with vision health and the ability to see letters and numbers concisely. Poor vision can lead to… Read more »

Are Glasses Not Enough for Children?

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  As parents, we naturally want the very best for our children, which includes good eyesight. After all, their vision makes it possible for them to experience the world, learn, and enjoy life. That said, regular eye exams with a pediatric eye care professional can go a long way toward protecting their vision and overall… Read more »

Eye Problems? No Problem!

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  Most people have suffered from eye problems from one time or another. While most are minor and disappear in a few hours, others stay with you for life. Even if your vision isn’t what it used to be, there are several things you can do to get it back. Most of these eye problems… Read more »

Does Insurance Pay for Vision Therapy?

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  Vision Therapy is a treatment that’s used for various eye conditions. It’s an effective treatment for a wide variety of conditions that are provided at Austin eye care. However, this treatment may not be covered by some insurance plans. If you feel your plan has not evaluated your claim for coverage, here are some… Read more »

3 Natural Treatments for Lazy Eye

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  Lazy eye is otherwise known as amblyopia. This eye condition occurs during childhood. It happens when one eye is weaker than the other. The brain will receive a mix of blurry and clear images from the stronger eye and weaker eye. As a result, it’ll only focus on the clear image.   Treatment starts… Read more »

Can Playing Video Games Cure Your Lazy Eye?

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Most video game enthusiasts would probably be shocked to know that recent studies suggest that playing video games can actually help to correct a lazy eye condition in adults. Further research is needed to draw more conclusive results on the subject, however, at the moment there has been a significant and positive correlation between improved… Read more »

Does Amblyopia Run in Families?

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The Center For Vision Development Discusses Does Amblyopia Run In Families? Amblyopia is a vision problem in which the eyes do not focus together normally. This condition can cause “lazy eye,” “crossed eyes” or other issues that prevent normal visual acuity. At Austin Vision Therapy Center in Austin, TX, we provide Austin eye care for… Read more »