Summary of Research on the Efficacy of Vision Therapy for Specific Visual Dysfunctions

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  The professionals in vision care at Austin Vision Therapy Center (The Center for Vision Development) are specialists in optometric vision therapy and vision rehabilitation and have seen excellent results when using a variety of treatment options for patients of all ages. With a practice that is dedicated not only for adult vision therapy but… Read more »

What is Amblyopia and How is it Treated?

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Pictured above, Akansha plays Amblyopia iNet, a vision therapy computer program designed for patients who have amblyopia. This game can be found in our Austin vision care clinic, the Center for Vision Development.   What is Amblyopia?   Amblyopia (pronounced “am-blee-oh-pee-ah”) is a visual disorder most commonly known as “Lazy Eye.” It has many definitions… Read more »

Virtual Reality – A Cutting Edge Tool for Lazy Eye and Strabismus

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  “Vivid Vision has helped unlock Leo’s depth perception for the first time. It has been an important stepping stone for furthering his progress in vision therapy.”   At The Center for Vision Development, we are using virtual reality along with vision care austin therapy to treat eye teaming disorders such as amblyopia or “lazy… Read more »

Know More About Our Clinic

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About our Clinic  The Center for Vision Development is a visionary practice founded by Dr. Denise Smith in 2004 that is dedicated to the specialties of developmental, behavioral, pediatric, and neuro-optometry. We offer an unparalleled approach to vision development, learning disabilities, strabismus and amblyopia, attention deficit disorders, pediatric eye care, and traumatic brain injury. We… Read more »

Eye Too Can Read! Can You?

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  The ability to read is the most important skill for any child who is in their school years. Not only is reading necessary to get through life, the quality of life an individual enjoys in adulthood begins with vision health and the ability to see letters and numbers concisely. Poor vision can lead to… Read more »

Does Insurance Pay for Vision Therapy?

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  Vision Therapy is a treatment that’s used for various eye conditions. It’s an effective treatment for a wide variety of conditions that are provided at Austin eye care. However, this treatment may not be covered by some insurance plans. If you feel your plan has not evaluated your claim for coverage, here are some… Read more »