Let Our Austin Vision Therapy Center Professionals Help Improve Your Learning


If you need vision therapy, you’ve come to the right place. We are a team of professionals that helps individuals improve their vision and learning in Austin TX. This is achieved through a personalized vision therapy program to help patients improve their vision in order to make learning easier.

Vision is directly connected to how we learn things, visually and verbally. How we read, spell, write, and learn from our daily experiences depend on how visually equipped we are. Poor vision can mean impaired learning ability, something that may not be obvious for many.

Reading, Spelling, and Handwriting

These three areas of learning are highly dependent on how we see things. To read, your brain must differentiate the letters properly so as to construct a sentence. Brains are trained to read words, which becomes a challenge when it hasn’t been trained to do so due to poor visual skills. Spelling too is highly dependent on visual dominance and the brain’s ability to draw the visual structure of specific words. For example, someone with proper vision might spell a word incorrectly, but even without knowing the exact spelling, a mere look at the word would tell them that it’s wrong. This is simply because the brain has stored the visual structure of that given word, a skill facilitated by proper vision. Poor eye movements and visual processing also affect our receptive and expressive abilities, including writing. It’s quite a challenge to write properly when your vision isn’t fully developed. Vision plays a critical role in how we see the words, remember the words, and organize them on the page.

Listening, Speaking, and Learning Mathematics

Other areas of learning such as math, speech and listening are equally affected by vision. These are areas that require the brain to draw images and record them. Such images depend on the individual’s visualization skills and how the brain has been able to record those images.

Generally speaking, vision is indispensable if one is to learn effectively. It helps improve receptive and expressive abilities and influences how we remember things. Eighty percent of what we perceive and remember depends on visual ability and that’s why vision therapy is an effective treatment to improve a patient’s vision and learning in Austin TX. Vision therapy has a profound effect in enhancing one’s visual dominance, which ultimately results in better learning for both children and adults.

For more information on how you can benefit from Austin vision therapy, reach us through our contact page on this website.