Posted on 27 Jul 2018

Scholastic success requires the ability to read and comprehend. However, for many children practice is not enough to learn how to read and frustration follows. The Austin Vision Center suggests that an important question to ask children who struggle is: “Do the words seem to come apart or separate when you look at them on the page?”

If the answer is yes, and they complain about seeing double on the page, it is likely that they suffer from a binocular vision problem. Fortunately, those seeking vision care in Austin can receive vision therapy which addresses these problems and can go a long way in helping reading fluency.

A binocular vision problem simply means that the two eyes do not seamlessly work together as a team. This makes simple tasks like discerning words on a page much more difficult. Not only that, it can cause headaches, difficulty concentrating, and other symptoms typically associated with ADHD. A misdiagnosis could result in a child not getting the appropriate help.

This is why it’s so important to know how a child actually sees the word they are having difficulty decoding. Many children do not even report the fact that the words do not appear together on the page because they think it is normal to see them that way. Asking your child about how they see the words could be the only way he or she will get the Austin eye care they need.

The American Optometric Association has some helpful tests you can try with your child at home to get a better idea of how they see the printed word and know if you should get them evaluated for vision therapy. Struggles learning to read can lead to difficulty in school and the emotional problems that come with it. Having the right approach to help children overcome their reading problems is the only way to be sure they are able to learn.

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