Posted on 04 Oct 2017
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Blue light enters your eyes throughout the day in varying degrees depending on your occupation and your lifestyle. People seeking Austin eye care should be aware that although the sun is the greatest source of blue light, there are other devices that we all use daily that are becoming greater sources of blue light every day. Digital devices like smartphones, tablets, computers, and HD televisions are providing our eyes with more blue light exposure than ever before.


Your television viewing habits and the amount of screentime you and your children spend would not be of concern to the professionals at an Austin vision center were it not for the potential dangers the light can pose. Digital eye strain, which is caused by overexposure to blue light, is a major concern of members of the American Optometric Association, and diagnoses of this condition are on the rise. The symptoms of the condition include sensitivity to light, eye fatigue, and eyes that feel sore, burning, or generally tired. In some cases digital eye strain can even lead to blurred vision, aching back, neck, and shoulders, and difficulty concentrating.  


It is becoming increasingly common that people seeking vision care in Austin are suffering from some form of digital eye strain. The condition is most common among people who spend more than two hours a day at a computer or with a screen in front of them, which makes up a significant amount of the people in the United States. Severe cases of overexposure to blue light can lead to damage to the retina and having trouble sleeping. This problem is of even greater concern as younger adults and children are spending increasing amounts of their leisure time on mobile devices and laptops.


For many people, it’s difficult to get through a day at work without spending significant time staring at a computer screen, however there are some solutions. Your vision care professional can help fight off digital eye strain by pointing you in the direction of blue light filter screens, and blue light lens filters. There are also apps for some devices that change screen colors to help protect the eyes of those who don’t want to wear protective eyeware.


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