Professional Austin Eye Care for Amblyopia (“Lazy Eye”)

We offer reliable Austin eye care for amblyopia, a vision condition commonly referred to as “lazy eye”. Our focus on eye rehabilitation in Austin is a service we deliver through vision therapy. Vision rehabilitation is a proven method of solving problems associated with reduced visual function.

What Is Amblyopia?




Before delving into what can be done to treat amblyopia, it’s important to first understand what amblyopia is. Amblyopia is a condition that’s characterized by poor vision that is not improved to 20/20 with glasses. Amblyopia is usually caused by strabismus or an uncorrected refractive condition like farsightedness. In the case of strabismus, confusion is experienced as a result of a “crossed eye” so the brain eventually chooses to use only one eye. Consequently, the vision in the misaligned eye fails to develop. In the case of an uncorrected refractive disorder like farsightedness, the eye that is farsighted continuously sends a blurred image to the brain resulting in a lack of vision development. Both of these conditions, if not addressed immediately, may lead to amblyopia.

Treating Amblyopia

While there are conditions that can be easily corrected by wearing glasses, amblyopia can’t be fully treated by the use of corrective lenses alone.

The most common treatment recommended for amblyopia is known as “patching”. This consists of wearing a patch on the dominant eye to force the brain to use the weaker eye. With time, some improvement in visual function can be seen if the patient is compliant however this can be difficult. Most children are averse to wearing a patch; and while it sometimes helps with strengthening the amblyopic eye, patching does not promote binocular vision so depth perception is still compromised.

Most people are unaware that there are effective treatment options for amblyopia that go beyond “patching”. Consequently, many people have simply surrendered to the condition, resorting to having monocular vision. Much research has been done in the area of amblyopia, and fortunately, here at Austin Vision Therapy Center we have the resources and experience to offer patients a viable treatment option regardless of age. Just like strabismus, a properly prescribed vision therapy program may provide the best possible outcome for the treatment of amblyopia.

Our highly qualified doctors and therapists provide eye rehabilitation in Austin and vision therapy that is personalized to the specific condition of every patient to ensure satisfactory results.

If you are looking for reliable Austin eye care and vision therapy services for amblyopia, please call our office or reach us through our contact page.