Austin Eye Care for Strabismus (“Crossed Eyes”)

We offer Austin eye care for patients suffering from strabismus, or colloquially referred to as “crossed eyes”. Our doctors conduct visual rehabilitation in Austin TX with expansive experience in the delivery of such services. We believe vision therapy to be the best solution for strabismus since it addresses the root cause of the problem.

So What Is Strabismus?



Strabismus is a condition where an individual’s two eyes cannot continuously look at an object simultaneously due to misalignment. Someone suffering from strabismus will use one eye to look at something while the other is pointing in a different direction. In unilateral strabismus, only one eye sees continuously while the other eye is turned. In alternating strabismus, the brain alternates between using the two eyes. Strabismus
results in double vision and poor depth perception and can get worse with time if left untreated.

In many cases, the problem begins when the brain learns to ignore the misaligned eye, processing only what the other eye sees. In such a case, the vision from the misaligned eye is suppressed, leaving only one eye to function properly. This is a condition that rarely corrects itself, and if not treated early, usually leads to the loss of binocular vision and depth perception.

When the images from the misaligned eye are continuously suppressed, the vision in that eye fails to develop hence the term “lazy eye”. This leads to a condition known as amblyopia in which the vision in the misaligned eye is reduced.

Treating Strabismus

Our visual rehabilitation in Austin TX provides non-invasive treatment options for strabismus. Our programs provide a alternative solution to surgical intervention. While some doctors recommend surgery to correct the alignment of the extraocular muscles, this treatment option primarily addresses the symptoms and as a result may only be temporary.

Our treatment programs provide a rehabilitative approach that corrects both the functioning of the eye muscles and the brain’s control of the same. The therapy trains the brain to process what both eyes see simultaneously which promotes better alignment and better vision. This is done through vision therapy, which is a personalized process administered by a professional vision therapist under the doctor’s supervision. Our doctors and vision therapists are always available to attend to your needs and offer the most suitable treatment.

If you need Austin eye care or would like to book an appointment for a strabismus evaluation, feel free to reach us through our contact page.