Posted on 03 Nov 2016

Although it might seem intimidating to young children, going to your local Austin vision center doesn’t need to be a frightening ordeal. It’s not like getting a cavity pulled at the dentist, and yet many kids find both experiences to be equally terrifying.


It doesn’t need to be so stressful for the children or their parents. With a little preparation, everyone can walk out of the Austin eye care appointment happy, satisfied, and without a spike in blood pressure!


Here are a couple of tips parents can use to prepare their children for an eye appointment. An apple a day won’t keep the optometrist away, but a little forethought can keep kids from stressing out.


  1. Pick the Right Eye Doctor

There are a lot of choices for vision care in Austin, but none are as unique or effective as the Austin Vision Therapy Center. If you’re not in the Austin area, you might consider booking a trip there for your child’s eye appointment. While other family optometry practices exist across the country, there are few vision therapy centers that can rival the expert care provided at Austin Vision Therapy Center.

Parents should take a little time before booking an appointment elsewhere, to ensure that it is the right practice for all of their children. Look for good signs, such as seeing terms like ‘pediatric optometry’ and ‘family practice’ on their website. If they have a little free time, parents shouldn’t be afraid to stop in for a visit. Is the practice child-friendly? Is there a play-zone or toys for the youngsters to entertain themselves with? Is there a lot of variety for children’s eyewear?


  1. Set the Record Straight

Fear of the unknown scares most kids out of wanting to go in for an Austin eye care appointment, so the best thing parents can do is let them know what they’re in for. Explain what the exam will be like, and if possible try to make it sound like a fun, lighthearted game or family activity.

If there’s a specific reason the child is afraid of the eye doctor, the best course of action would be assuring them that no harm will come from getting their eyes checked. The child may have seen a scary scene in a movie or video game, or heard a horror story from a peer. Children who experience eye pain may be understandably afraid of anyone getting to close to the sensitive area. Gently remind them that the doctor is there to help make the eye pain or strain go away.


  1. Let the Child Choose

Eye doctors know that children who get to choose their eyewear are far more likely to use them. To encourage young ones to actually put on their new eyewear, let them choose which model they like the most. Parents could help out a little to make sure their children don’t pick a frame that’s out of budget, perhaps by laying out a few suggestions before hand.

If the child picks a model that isn’t so attractive, perhaps gaudy colors or a size that’s way too big, parents shouldn’t cause a commotion. Children can sense if their parent is upset. Instead, they should keep their cool and redirect the child’s attention to a more appropriate pair. Ultimately, if your child is stuck on an unattractive pair, you should consider whether it’s a battle worth fighting. If it means your child will actually wear the glasses, and enjoy them, then why not let the little one make their own decision about their accessories?

Getting a child’s eyes checked doesn’t need to be a stressful situation. With a little pre-planning the trip can be painless for all parties involved!