Posted on 08 Apr 2019
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Lazy eye is otherwise known as amblyopia. This eye condition occurs during childhood. It happens when one eye is weaker than the other. The brain will receive a mix of blurry and clear images from the stronger eye and weaker eye. As a result, it’ll only focus on the clear image.


Treatment starts with detecting the underlying conditions. Some patients might need eyeglasses while others may need cataract surgery. One or more of the following natural remedies can also help with this condition. These natural remedies in conjunction with an appointment to the Austin Vision Center can help correct your vision.


Wear an Eye Patch


Patients wear an eye patch to increase visibility on the strong eye. The patient may find it challenging at first to focus, but it’s to make the patient learn how to focus, with the weak eye covered up, so that the brain processes images. The entire treatment can take several weeks or months. The doctor from the vision care Austin will examine the patient and determine if their vision has improved or if they should continue to wear the eye patch.


Once the patient starts using both eyes, the focus will be shifted to the stronger eye, in which case, an eye patch might be used again. There are several eye patches on the market that don’t like something a pirate wears. Kids who hate wearing an eye patch can find colorful ones with cartoon characters and superheroes from their pediatric eye care clinic. You can also make a DIY eye patch, so you’ll feel excited about wearing it.


Do Eye Exercises


Doing regular eye exercises can help stimulate the muscles of the brain and eyes. It allows them to recorrect their focus. These exercises can be performed while wearing the eye patch. Some of the most common eye exercises include eye rolls, eye tracking, fine print reading, and focusing.


Eye rolls involve rolling the weaker eye clockwise and counterclockwise to stimulate the eye and strengthen it. Eye tracking involves moving an object like a pen, with the weak eye tracking its movement. Focusing requires the eye to focus on an object for several minutes while fine print reading forces the weaker eye to work better.


Eating a Healthy Diet


Studies have shown the importance of a healthy diet for eye health. A diet that’s rich in vitamin A is beneficial for improving one’s eyesight. A deficiency of this vital nutrient leads to vision-related problems.


It’s encouraged to eat a healthy diet that includes bell peppers, carrots, dark green leafy vegetables, dried apricots, fish liver, squashes, sweet potatoes, and tropical fruits can prevent this deficiency. It may not treat lazy eye, but it can prevent problems such as farsightedness or nearsightedness.


Thanks to early diagnosis and treatment, most patients will regain their lost vision. Studies have shown that it’s difficult to treat mature adults. Some patients don’t like to wear the eye patch, which can interfere with the treatment process. Patients should monitor their own use and make regular appointments to the Austin Vision Center.