Austin Vision Center Examines How Playing a Video Game Can Be Good for a Lazy Eye

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You read that right. Montreal’s McGill University recently completed a study that showed that adults with amblyopia (lazy eye) benefited from playing Tetris. The people at your nearby Austin vision center want you to be aware, however, that this was a version of the game specifically designed to be used in vision therapy. The game… Read more »

Austin Vision Center Discusses the Importance of Learning Cursive

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In a time when much of our communication is done with keyboards or using our thumbs to send messages on smartphones, the skill of handwriting is being diminished. In fact, many schools no longer require students to use cursive, viewing it as outdated in the midst of our technological world. However, the experts at your… Read more »

What Visual Skills Are Required for Scholastic Success? Acquire Them with Austin Eye Care and Vision Therapy

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Every parent wants their child to succeed academically and a big part of academic success is having an effective visual system and possessing the right visual skills. More than 80% of learning in classrooms is done visually. If a child is struggling at school or simply having trouble decoding words, Austin eye care and vision… Read more »

Rehab a Brain Injury with Vision Therapy at an Austin Eye Care Center

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  Brain injuries resulting from a stroke, a car accident, or a bad fall often require intensive rehab. Skills that were once second nature suddenly become incredibly difficult and patients require physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy to get their lives back to normal. However, visiting an Austin eye care specialist and receiving vision… Read more »